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When it comes to bridges, it is a complete replacement of missing teeth, and to replace it, synthetic materials and other substances such as porcelain, gold, and alloys are used.

Bridges are made up of two crowns that can be either fixed or detachable and the false tooth in between them, which acts as a dental implant. It is how a bridge gives you your smile back.

Types of Dental Bridges

Different types of bridges are mainly categorized depending on the materials used for preparation.

Bridge using Porcelain fused to metal or PFM crowns

A bridge using this material is more durable than other types of bridges. This bridge has both crowns and false teeth made of metal fused with porcelain.

Bridge using Porcelain Crowns

This type of dental bridge is similar to the one using PFM crowns, but in this case, instead of being made up of metal, both crowns are ceramic or porcelain based.

Bridge using Gold Crowns

This type of bridge comprises artificial teeth and crowns, which are much more expensive than all other materials. It is the best option for those who do not want to frequent replacement procedures.

Bridge using Alloys

In this case, both crowns and false teeth are made up of metal alloy. Since these crowns and false teeth can corrode easily, this type of bridge is not preferred by most people even though it is the least expensive one of all material types.

Bridges Procedure or Treatment

During a bridge procedure or treatment, first, your dentist will prepare your teeth after conducting X-rays for dental implants, and any other dental work is done. Then, they will fill out the cavity before adding a post on it and eventually crowning with a gold one to make your bridge stronger.

After that, your dentist will create an impression of the teeth and gums surrounding the bridge area to send these samples to a lab where they are reconstructed on the models of teeth. When you receive them, your dentist will attach them to crowns attached to the false tooth, which will be fused with porcelain or some other material.
Compared with other types of bridges, this type of bridge is more stable than others and comfortable during use while also being quite durable for daily wear.

Cost of Dental Bridges

The cost of bridges is determined based on several factors. The material used, the number of teeth it is replacing, and location are some of the most critical factors that affect its cost. However, certain other elements can affect its prices, such as the quality of porcelain or gold used in the crowns and artificial teeth.


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