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Dental Marketing Strategies To Attract New Patients

Creating a successful dental practice requires more than medical knowledge and skill. Marketing can be tricky, with digital marketing proving to be more effective than traditional methods.

Effective marketing strategies, such as those mentioned below, can help you attract new patients and can help your dental business to thrive.

Social Media

Social media can leave a lasting impression on prospective patients. Instagram and Facebook accounts can give patients a sneak peek into your practice. The messaging features allow patients to connect to you. 

You can use the unique features of every social media platform to promote your dental practice. For instance: 

  • YouTube. Upload videos of Q&A sessions on topics of interest — like teeth whitening, and other treatments offered by the practice. 
  • Instagram. Upload before and after pictures with client reviews and feedback. 
  • Facebook. Keep clients updated on offers and packages and provide them with important healthcare information. 
  • Snapchat. Provide a daily glimpse and behind-the-scenes footage of the practice.

However, patients often want to look for information about a dentist on a consolidated and trustworthy platform. denTEL is an online directory for dentists, where dental practices can post tailored listings in order to meet their potential clients.

A dental practice can become more accessible to potential patients through a quick and free sign up on denTEL


A website can help you streamline and create an inexpensive mechanism for scheduling and booking.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you get more eyes on the business. SEO enables people in your location to see you first, increasing the probability of them becoming your patients.

denTEL can also make a dentist’s job easier and help them with patient acquisition. Your listing with denTEL can help redirect potential patients to your website if you add a link to it.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews can alleviate the doubts hesitant patients may have. Like when someone buys a product online, good reviews can help patients decide when choosing your dental practice.

Testimonials are more in-depth and personal. They are typically penned by long-time customers, so ask your loyal patients to help you out. Testimonials have a similar impact to good reviews. 

denTEL provides a star rating scale with every listing posted. Patients can use the star rating as a filter to find the most highly rated and reviewed dental practices. Potential patients will have the confidence to choose a dentist based on the star scale rating provided by denTEL. 

SMS and Direct Mail

SMS reminders for appointments can be an element of your service. However, overdoing it can be annoying for patients — so SMS should be used carefully in dental marketing.

Direct mail marketing may seem like an ancient marketing strategy, but it can help reach people who are not tech-savvy.

While SMS and direct mail are great marketing strategies, providing information about availability and patients plans is also imperative — denTEL offers exactly that. Potential patients can use the platform to book an appointment, and they can also look at the specific plans and services that your practice offers.

Get a Headstart 

Marketing can be challenging. That’s why denTEL offers a chance to outsource and grow your practice through its professional help and experience. To learn more, visit denTEL’s website.

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