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Are Fluoride Treatments Necessary for Adults?

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Dental health is an integral part of human health and wellbeing. There are many studies that show a correlation between dental health, heart disease, diabetes, and even depression. This is because the mouth is directly linked to various systems in the body, such as the cardiovascular system and the nervous system, among others. Good oral health is also associated with many wonderful life-changing benefits, such as having a positive mindset and transforming a person’s visual appearance generated from having a healthy smile.

Notably, teeth play a very important role in the body. They help us chew, digest food substances, talk and speak clearly and improve the shape of the face. However, teeth are also susceptible to diseases such as dental caries or tooth decay that affect both adults and children alike. Tooth decay often occurs when the bacteria found in the mouth feed on leftover substances in the teeth and converts them into acids that later cause plaques.

Fluoride treatments are a significant option used to prevent and treat tooth decay. Fluoride in gel, foam, or solution helps in strengthening the enamel and attacking the bacteria, thus healing the cavities.

Why Do Adults Need Fluoride Treatments?

As we age, the teeth are prone to suffering breakage, chipping, or suffering from weakened enamels. Although washing the mouth regularly is one important way of preventing cavities, incorporating fluoride treatment in your hygiene routine is an assured method of keeping the bad bacteria in the mouth in check. Notably, fluoride contains safe levels of chemicals that cling to the bad bacteria and clear them completely from the mouth. Other benefits of fluoride treatments among adults are:

  • Strengthened teeth as one ages: Fluoride treatment contains electrons that support the calcium in the teeth, thus strengthening the enamel coating, which erodes any bacteria from the teeth. Continuous use of fluoride promotes the fighting chance of the teeth against any future infections.
  • Prevents gum recession: Adults are susceptible to gum recession which exposes the enamel to attacks from oral bacteria, thus causing tooth decay. However, using fluoride treatment helps strengthen the enamel and protect it from these attacks.
  • Addressing the root of the dental problem: Root decay is a rampant problem experienced by adults worldwide, especially by those over the age of 50. If left untreated, tooth decay can lead to chronic pain that prevents people from eating or performing their daily duties, eventually causing them to lose their teeth. Treating tooth decay can be an expensive affair; however, fluoride treatment can help in relieving the pain. It attacks and slows the bacteria’s growth and reverses the decaying process.
  • Preventing dementia and cancer: Keeping the teeth healthy helps prevent the occurrence of different types of cancers among adults.
  • Reducing the risk of diseases: When a person suffers from oral infections, the bacteria in the mouth can get into the bloodstream, where they can be transferred to other sensitive organs such as the heart, which increases the chances of the body developing serious diseases such as a heart attack. Therefore, undergoing fluoride treatments can be a sure method of reducing the spread of harmful bacteria in the body.

When used as directed by the doctor, fluoride treatments are safe and effective against tooth decay. Although an application by your dentist takes a short duration, the benefits of using fluoride treatments have long-term results. Fluoride can be used either:

  • Topically from toothpaste, gel, or rinse solutions administered by your dentist.
  • Systematically from natural sources such as water and dietary supplements.

What Are the Sources of Dietary Fluoride?

  • Tea
  • Natural water
  • Certain types of fish
  • Infant formula

Everybody has one smile, so everyone needs to take good care of it. This boosts your confidence and appearance and reduces your risk of suffering risky health issues. If you want to maintain those pearly whites, talk to your doctor today and seek further guidance on starting the fluoride treatment.  Using denTEL, a dental directory makes it easy to find a dentist in your area to discuss whether you should schedule an appointment.

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