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How Do I Get More Dental Patients?

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For any dental practice, establishing a strong online presence and taking advantage of marketing opportunities online are essential. Here are some tips for marketing your dental practice online.

Build a Website

The first impression a potential patient has of a dental practice may come from its website. A good design will emphasize the services offered by your dental office. Also, make sure your site is mobile-friendly and you use relevant keywords in your content to improve your search engine ranking.

Use a Dental Directory

Another excellent method of attracting patients is to create a profile in a dental directory. This is probably even more effective than creating a website because the directory will drive traffic to your profile on your behalf.

To understand how effective a directory entry can be, see things from a patient’s point of view. In fact, imagine that you’re a patient desperately in need of a good dentist.

If you’re looking for a dentist, the internet can be a gamble. It’s hard to determine which websites and reviews are credible. However, when you use a healthcare directory like denTEL, you can easily find a reputable dentist. Since denTEL matches you with the dentist of your choice, whether you need oral surgery or dentures, the entire process of finding the perfect dentist is simplified.

Social Media Marketing

Once you get the consent of a few patients, social media marketing can increase your business. It’s important to have a company profile on Facebook and Instagram to help potential patients find you and learn more about your practice.

Set up a Facebook page with photos and videos of great case studies. Also, include reviews of the office on the page, so people will know what to expect when they visit.

On Instagram, share photos of your patients’ orthodontic transformations. Describe how you take pride in your work and love to see your patients’ smiles as they take the first bite out of a crispy bagel.


Advertise online through Google or Facebook.

Google Ads are a form of Pay Per Click advertising. You can select and bid on specific words and phrases to be included in the ad copy. You’ll only pay when a user clicks on your ad. An ad with a higher bid is more likely to appear among other ads on search engine results pages (SERPs). The only time you have to pay is when someone clicks on the ad.

Facebook ads allow you to create campaigns tailored to specific audiences. You can also advertise and showcase your business to the right target audience. By using a targeted marketing strategy, you can reach a large number of people and increase your chances of attracting clients.

In summary, a website, a prominent dental directory profile, and leveraging the power of social media by sharing case studies and buying advertising space can lead to more dental patients.

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